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Sparking Change in Your Newsroom

In the The Fifth Discipline, author Peter Senge explores how to create a "learning organization," applying systems thinking to a company's organizational strategy in ways that promote ongoing learning and adaptation. We also believe that systems thinking tools can help journalists realize more resilient, inclusive newsrooms and have created a simple set of exercises that you can use to identify opportunities for growth and help you align strategy with fundamental goals. 

The initial step in this process is to pick a goal you and your organization want to collectively work on. Some ideas are:

  • ​Strengthening collaboration 
  • Deepening engagement and participation 
  • Embedding diversity and equity 

  • Encouraging a culture of learning

  • Bolstering communication processes

There is full consensus on this goal – one that everyone feels committed to exploring. It’s also important to note that when gathering individuals, consider the power dynamics that could come into play and the space you’re creating for everyone.

​With that goal in mind, here are some exercises you can use to:

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