Apply a systems lens to your journalism

Looking for new ways to cover a complex issue in partnership with your community? Want to strengthen the impact of your reporting?

These tools are geared to help reporters and editors brainstorm creative opportunities to cover entrenched problems that don't have easy fixes. Use them to explore the systems at the heart of your reporting and expand the possibilities for your journalism. 

You can use each exercise on its own, or run them in the sequence on this page. Use these tools by yourself or in collaboration with your team. They've been designed to be run in-person, but as we learn to work together, remotely, we suggest using a realtime collaboration tool like Miro >, Stormboard >, or Cardsmith >.

New to the toolkit and not sure where to start? We've outlined a few different ways you can use it in this how-to guide >.

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Quick Tool

Visualize the systems in your reporting

Quick Tool

Questions to ask + habits to build